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Find & Target Accounts

20% of your accounts produce 80% of your sales. Where are your reps spending their time?  

Use consumer insight data to evaluate your competition and find new opportunities. Today consumers volunteer their opinions about products right on their mobile devices. Take 500,000+ points of data and use it to answer your most pressing marketing and sales questions about how and where to launch your products. 
Reliably predict which accounts are the best fit for your products.  Using account purchasing patterns, technology can predict (and learn more over time) what products will sell in what accounts. This provides suppliers and distributors a powerful way to reach sales goals sooner with a higher certainty of reorder. 
Identify and target key white-space accounts.  Not all accounts are created equal. Use qualitative custom research that matches the best high-volume and high-image accounts with your SKU sales strategy, by metro. Reps can sharpen their focus on the most attractive accounts. 
Do your own research and make survey results actionable and automatic. To get the most from data collection, surveys must drive immediate action. Using tools that automate action means sales and marketing respond to changing market conditions at the right time. 
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