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Service Your Accounts

About Technology, Data & Best Practices Choices

Distributors can only help those who help themselves. Doing business as usual won't cut it.

Empower reps so they can easily plan. The best CRM design is one-version-of-the-truth that promotes planning and accountability. The most useful CRM tools are on mobile platforms and include data reporting, analytics for in-market planning and process automation in all aspects of account management.
Brand ambassadors need tools too. Calendar and approve events, track activities and expenses. Report on results tied to a centralized account database.  Get even more power when you integrate with email marketing tools or drive account outreach with distributor reps. They don't have to be expensive. 
Use digital content to bring more value into accounts. Tablets and phones allow you to show sell sheets, awards, recipes, etc. and then forward them right to your buyer's devices. What better way to enhance a training, a tasting or a presentation than by delivering valuable content right then and there? 
Let the competition sell the hard way.  When you have the right tools to target the right accounts, don't blow it by using twenty-year-old sales tactics. Learn sales management techniques that leverage these tools and create competitive advantage in your accounts. 
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