We Are With You All The Way


Equinox combines industry and technical expertise with sales and operations best practices to prepare your team for successful adoption  


Our fixed price implementations follow these project guidelines:

  • Use best-of-breed tools

  • Invest in planning

  • Crawl - walk - run

  • Deliver functional use quickly

  • Transfer knowledge


A complete training regimen for managers, reps and sales analysts is included with all projects and is often a series of sessions. Training is planned to address the needs of differing skill sets and is usually conducted remotely. Our goal is to make you self sufficient. 


We respond in about an hour and track ticket progress using an email-based system. We also connect via phone or video/screen sharing. And in the event we never hear from you (it is possible) we plan business reviews to make sure your solution is still working for you. 
The leading independent sales data solution firm in beverage alcohol and cannabis

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