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Manage Your Channels

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Change the balance of power. Use modern tools and data. Be better prepared in much less time. 

Push button distributor review prep is here.  There is no need to spend time downloading and slinging data in a spreadsheet. If this is a big part of your review prep, it might be time for a change. Technology has advanced so that migration to the newer tools is easier than you think.    
Chains can be a bigger part of your volume. Do you have visibility to performance at the location level that rolls up to HQ? Track authorizations, mandates, placements and assign reps activities that drive sales. Give your managers line of sight reporting from HQ down to locations.
How much are you losing to un-managed pricing?  Replace spreadsheet-based pricing processes that rely on best guesses. With the right tool you can tryout pricing strategies. Enable centralized control that responds to feedback and supports your reps. Level the playing field in distributor meetings.
Manage trade spend for optimal ROI. Set spending allocations according to approved budget plans including depletion allowances and bill-backs. When tied into your accounting you can accurately plan, budget, execute and audit all trade promotional spend down to the account level. 
Help your website visitors find what they want.  Help consumers easily find the retailers you prefer based on metrics you define. Account listings dynamically change as relationships with your retailer change based on account and volume data in your database. Try it out here
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