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Proven Sales Data Solutions

Equinox has what it takes to deliver tailored and practical choices


Equinox is the leading independent provider of sales data solutions. This includes best-of-breed data collection, specialized retail account lists, sales analytics tools and CRM databases. Decades of technical and industry expertise are combined with sales best practices in modern cloud-based, big data and machine learning technologies. 


We partner so you have choice of technology companies and data sources. You are never stuck with a solution that won't work they way you do. Equinox solutions always include insight and advisory on best practices. Combined with a practical crawl-walk-run approach we deliver the greatest real return on your investment for the long run.  


Since 2012 we have implemented solutions for clients ranging from a few thousand cases to the better part of one-million in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific. We speak your language and understand your challenges. 

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