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Business Analytics (BA) technology uses

Sales Data              

The Way You Want It - When You Need It

Equinox provides the tools needed to manage the health of your sales and business operations.

As a tech integrator and data processor, we consolidate data from any internal and external source such as:


  • Distributors, logistics firms, shippers, ecommerce, direct-to-trade, direct-to-consumer, email, email marketing, survey and ambassador platforms

  • ERP order, invoice, shipment and inventory systems

  • Data collectors including NABCA, YDrinks, Nielsen and others

We load this data into best-of-breed reporting or CRM solutions where key sales and business metrics are presented graphically or in tabular form, on any device.

Using modern data processing techniques and breakthrough technologies you can:

  • improve sales accountability and information sharing

  • find new opportunities for growth

  • focus on the right accounts that drive 80% of revenue

  • learn what actually moves the sales needle

  • change the balance of power with channel partners and chains

  • offer a modern portal for suppliers and producers

  • predict distributor stock outs, forecast demand and manage allocations

Our solutions are easy enough for the most junior salesperson to use and sophisticated enough for the most demanding sales operations analyst. We train and support analysts, management and reps so they are self-sufficient. We can even show you how to use data to grow. 

Our clients range from those selling a few thousand cases to those selling the better part of one-million cases. After eight years in this industry, we know we can help you sort out the most practical road map for a best-of-breed solution.

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