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Our Goal: Make Our Clients Self Sufficient

We are with you all the way. We work with you to make sure your project stays on budget and your team adopts their new tools. We insist on a crawl-walk-run approach when we plan your implementation and train your team. Our success depends on your success. 


Our fixed price implementations follow these project guidelines:

  • Keep it simple

  • Invest in planning

  • Deliver functional use quickly

  • Transfer knowledge

A complete training regimen for managers, reps and sales analysts is included with all projects and is often a series of sessions. Training is planned to address the needs of differing skill sets and is usually conducted remotely. Our goal is to make you self sufficient. 
Support is provided on an as-needed basis.  Requests are tracked using an email-based ticketing system enabling our clients to comment and follow progress. We reach out by phone and video/screen sharing calls when deeper conversations are required. Support is billed monthly. We also conduct semi-annual business reviews to ensure your satisfaction.
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